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Md Johnson Inc.

About Us

MD Johnson Inc. is a 17-year-old firm dedicated to serving franchised vehicle and motor sports dealers throughout the U.S. Our firm has advised on over $5 billion dollars of transactions exclusively through MDJ Realty Inc. all across the United States, and represents both public and private dealers and dealer groups. The firm is operated exclusively by former automobile and motor sports dealers. Every person in the firm has made a living as a salesperson, a dealership manager and a new vehicle dealership owner. Everyone is a principal of the firm. They are best of the best.

Our Process

After 17 years of closing 100% of the transactions we have submitted to a manufacturer, we have learned a couple of things about process. As automobile dealers, process created success. As buy sell and financial advisors to dealers, process is everything. MD Johnson Inc. does not ask for or accept retainer fees. We invest right next to our clients in the process, sometimes for years before a transaction takes place. We value clients’ assets and create a relationship prior to engaging a client, at our firm’s expense. Once a meeting of the minds occurs and the valuation is completed, we engage the client formally and begin the process of acquisition or succession planning.

Why MD Johnson Inc.?

You get more than an introduction and reports from MD Johnson Inc.—you get experienced professionals with an understanding of your culture, operation challenges, manufacturers’ requirements, employee relations, and current market conditions, as well as national recognition in the acquisitions and mergers arena. We are success driven and will always take the position that ‘the truth will never take a back seat’ in our business practices. Our integrity and commitment to our processes have resulted in our clients reaching their ultimate goal, whether it is executing acquisitions or exit strategies.

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